Winbet2u.com is an online casino gambling website that have years of experience in online casino gambling field. It can be accessed from multiple region and Malaysia is one of it. It is one of the online casino that had wide variety of games and promotions.

Casino2Day professionally reviewed and evaluated Winbet2u.com determine their ranking and also position in Malaysia throughout the year of 2017.

Fast Withdrawal

Withdrawals which also known as cash out, are the processes that allow player to withdraw and received their money from online casino. Therefore, the speed of the withdrawal is important and it is a crucial criteria to be take into consideration when evaluating the best online casino in Malaysia.

Casino2Day ranked 9 out of 10 for Winbet2u.com for this criteria. The withdrawal speed is fast and it is proven by several online casino review website in Malaysia including Casino2Day. Winbet2u.com provide steps by steps withdrawal guidance. They provide a table to show supported payment method such as Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank and CIMB Bank with additional information displayed. All the withdrawal process took less than 30minutes to be process.

Attractive Bonus

Bonuses are what made online casino to be more interesting and fun. Players are able to receive higher returned with attractive and exclusive bonuses offers by online casino.

Casino2Day ranked 8 out of 10 for Winbet2u.com for attractive bonus. Winbet2u.com had many different interesting bonuses. Winbet2u.com offered 100% Welcome Bonus, 20% Daily Bonus, Rebate 0.5% Live Casino, 0.25% Sportbook Rebate, 0.3% Slot Rebate and also Birthday Bonanza!


Winbet2u.com provides good support in their online casino gambling portal. They provide 24/7 customer support and live chat features ready to help and assist their customers. Winbet2u.com can also be contacted by email and skype.


As conclusion, Casino2Day had ranked Winbet2u.com good in our online casino review in 2017. It is one of the best online casino in Malaysia and one of the Top10 online casino in Malaysia evaluated and ranked by Casino2Day on 2017. Casino2Day will subsequently re-evaluate and re-ranking Winbet2u.com to bring you the latest ranking of Winbet2u.com.


  • Fast Withdrawal9
  • Attractive Bonus8
  • Customer Support7
  • User Friendly7
  • 6.2


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