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Types of Texas Hold’em Poker


There are many different types of Texas Hold’em Poker and here are the top 3 most popular types of Texas Hold’em Poker.

No Limit Texas Hold’em

By far the most-popular poker game of today is played by millions, online and offline, everywhere around the world. The greatest players compete in TV formats and even the unofficial world championship of poker, the main event of the WSOP, is decided by No Limit Hold’em. It’s fast, it’s highly entertaining yet it’s brilliantly simple. There is a famous saying that really sums it up perfectly: “It takes a minute to learn. And a lifetime to master”. You too can learn and master to play No Limit Hold’em poker at several online casino in Malaysia. There are many good and trust able online casino Malaysia.

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Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em

The name says it all. As the only difference to No Limit games, where players may bet as many of their chips as they want, in Fixed Limit Hold’em the bet size is set in advance. While the bet size equals one big blind pre-flop and on the flop, it doubles to two big blinds on the turn and the river. Also the number of bets is limited to a maximum of four per round: bet, raise, re-raise, and final raise. In Fixed Limit games, it’s predictably cheaper to see flops, therefore it’s likely you will often face more than one opponent post flop. You will have to play a lot of your hands very differently than in a No Limit game. For example, it’s often unprofitable to play draws, since you will have difficulties getting the right value once you hit. Also, bear in mind that a chain of small bets can add up pretty quickly, so always try to plan your hands. While overall Fixed Limit Hold’em involves more strategy and mathematics, it’s still a very beginner-friendly, easy to learn alternative. Additional notes, if you are a beginner in Texas Holdem Poker you might need this helpful tips for beginners.

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Pot Limit Texas Hold’em

A bit of both worlds and a great challenge on its own – Pot Limit Hold’em combines the adrenalin aspect of No Limit with the strategy component of a Fixed Limit game. The rules are all the same as in No Limit, except for the betting structure. The active player is allowed to bet or raise a maximum amount equal to the current pot size but also less. For example: in a game of RM1/RM2, one player calls and we have a pot of RM5. The next player may now put in up to RM9, (since after his call of RM2, the pot size is RM7, he can now raise another RM7). Early on in a hand, it’s fairly standard to see pot raises in order to build nice pots and to allow bigger value bets on later streets. Other than in Limit Hold’em, players can raise and re-raise as often as they wish. Bluffing as a tool to win plays a smaller role at earlier points in a hand. You will find it harder to push opponents out pre-flop since the pot limit restricts the pressure you can put on them. However small in the beginning, pots develop exponentially, and so does the drama in this great, often underestimated game.

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