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Tiger – Chinese Zodiac 2017


2017 is a relatively smooth year for people born in the Tiger Year. Your success is achieved by developing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. The Monthly Virtue Star, Yue De 月德 indicates support and assistance from Noble People who can help you to overcome any obstacles at work. Be humble and accept help from others willingly. The presence of the Financial Loss Stars, Xiao Hao 小耗 and Jie Sha 劫煞 indicate that you may suffer financial debts from your wasteful spending habits. Expect nothing but appreciate everything, so start the New Year with self-discipline and buy only what you need. Be prudent in your investments and avoid gambling activities to avoid losses through scam. Although there are no major affliction with the Peach Blossom Stars for people born in the Tiger Year, singles should let nature take its course and have realistic expectations. Married couples may expect a harmonious and loving relationship. In general, people born in the Tiger Year will experience stable health this year. However, an elderly family member may experience health threats due to the presence of the Death Charm Star, Si Fu 死符. Hence, it is important to seek medical advice early to prevent it from escalating into more serious ailments.


In 2017, people born in the Tiger Year may enjoy a boost of income from a possible salary increment at work. However, it is not your salary that will make you rich but your spending habits, so buy only what you need and not what you want. When travelling, be vigilant in crowded places and safeguard your money and valuables. It is recommended to buy insurance before travelling. As windfall luck is bleak, avoid speculative investments and gambling activities, otherwise you will find yourself slipping into more financial woes. Nevertheless, don’t despair as you can negate these negative situations through charitable deeds. As the saying goes, no one has become poor from giving.


With your Noble Man Luck shining brightly over you, people born in Tiger Year will enjoy good rapport and cooperation from their superiors and colleagues. This will enable you to win the goodwill of others around you to help you achieve your goals. 2017 also augurs plenty of opportunities to learn new skills which will prepare you for a new role in the coming months. If you are self-employed, Noble people will help you to overcome any obstacles in your business.


In general, relationship luck is table for most people norm in the Tiger Year. Singles will have many opportunities to meet a promising partner but do not rush into any relationship to avoid being taken advantage of. Married couples should spend more quality time together to nurture a loving and harmonious relationship. After all, a long-lasting marriage thrives on love, communication, and companionship.


People born in the Tiger Year will generally experience goo health except for some minor ailments. Do keep a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet to increase your immunity as you may be prone to common flu and respiratory infections. An elderly member may also experience some health threats to heart problems so remember to seek medical advice before it worsens.

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