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Monkey – Chinese Zodiac 2017


People born in the Monkey Year may face some challenges and setbacks in 2017. However, the witty Monkey can overcome them with his determination and perseverance. The negative stars in 2017 indicate a possible legal implication. Hence, it is important to be vigilant when signing any binding contracts. Keep calm and avoid making impulsive decisions especially forming new partnerships. Although wealth luck is stable, avoid spending on unnecessary things and save for the rainy days. With the Death God Star Wang Shen 亡神 exerting its influence over you, people born in the Monkey Year will likely experience petty quarrels and misunderstanding with their partners. This will cause much frustration and mental stress. The overwhelming effects of these problems may take a toll on your health. This is worsened by the presence of the illness Star, Bing Fu 病夫 so make health your top priority this year to prevent future lingering ailments.


Although your wealth luck is stable, do take precautions before entering into partnership to avoid unscrupulous scammers. People born in the Monkey Year should avoid gambling activities and speculating in quick money schemes to avoid plunging into debts. Instead, invest your money in low-risk investments to grow your funds and wait for better opportunities ahead.


Although you may experience some setbacks and delays in work, you will be able to overcome them with the help of Noble People. Do not compromise the integrity of your work with responsibility and consistency to get the recognition from your superiors and this may lead to future career advancement.


Due to the absence of the Peach Blossom Stars, Tao Hua Yun 桃花运 in 2017, relationship may encounter some threats for people born in the Monkey Year. For those who are singles, fall in love when you are ready and not when you are lonely, this will prevent disappointment and heartbreaks. Married couples should remember your vows and stay faithful to your partner instead of giving in yo temptations which will lead to break up and financial losses.


With the Illness Star, Bing Fu 病夫 hovering around those born in the Monkey year, you are likely to fall ill more often. You can overcome this with good eating habits and avoid overeating and alcohol. Start an exercise regime in the gym or get out of the house for some brisk walks. This will build a healthy body. For people born in 1968, beware of lingering stomach ailments and do not hesitate to seek medical advice if you are unwell.

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